The Shang Shung Institute (SSI) is an international organization that seeks to broaden the world’s understanding of traditional Tibetan culture. At this moment in history the preservation of this rich and beautiful culture is of utmost importance as it is in real danger of being lost. As such, the SSI promotes programs and initiatives that support the continuation and survival of this rich cultural heritage.

The SSI was founded in Italy in 1989 by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, a renowned scholar of Tibetan culture, as well as one of the foremost living Dzogchen Masters.

Other branches of the SSI have since been established in North America, Austria, Great Britain, Russia, Australia and Argentina.

The SSI develops and maintains projects in various countries including: the translation, publication, and archiving of Tibetan texts; the organization and presentation of international cultural and educational events to share and preserve Tibetan heritage; and formal courses of study that train students in ancient Tibetan arts and sciences, including art, language, and traditional Tibetan medicine.  

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