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Dear friends,

Shang Shung Institute, Russia, is announcing the admission of students to the four year program of the traditional Tibetan medicine training within the Tibetan Medicine School under the direction of Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo.

Tibetan Medicine School

The Tibetan Medicine School of Shang Shung Institute was founded by Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo in Conway Massachusetts, USA ( By now, the third cohort of students who completed the training under the four-year training program, has graduated from the TM School. Now, the Tibetan Medicine School will start operating in Russia at the initiative of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Training program

The program consists of 8 trimesters.

The first trimester will start at the end of May, 2013, and last till the end of August. Place of training - the retreat center of Shang Shung Institute in Kunsangar North (not far from Pavlovsky Posad town, Moscow Region)

There will be 20 hours of classes per week, 3 days in a row (week days will be determined following the results of inquiring all enrollees). The program contemplates mandatory 20 hours of self-training every week. During the four year course, apart from Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo, other teachers, the best Tibetan doctors teaching students in China, India and other countries, invited by the Doctor Wangmo will teach some disciplines.

Preliminary training: 

Introductory course of the Tibetan language (24 hours). Prof. Fabian Sanders will hold the course.
The Course will be held in Moscow on April 11 -19.
See details at (

The first trimester:


Basic fundamental classes:

·         History of the Tibetan Medicine;

Root tantra of the Tibetan medicine:

·         Anatomy and physiology according to the Tibetan Medicine;

·         Ethics of behavior of a Tibetan doctor.

Supplementary classes – the Tibetan language.


The first week of the trimester – an intensive course of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye, subsequently with the weekly 2-hour practice of the massage during the whole semester. Thus, upon the completion of the first trimester, the students will already have the sufficient knowledge and skills for successfully starting their own practice of Ku-Nye.


The students will have 2 exams: the intermediary exam in the middle of the first trimester and the final exam upon the completion thereof.

Further training

The second trimester of the four year program will start in winter 2013-2014 (December – January). See the preliminary program of training attached. The complete program of the four year old training will be published soon on the web-site of Shang Shung Institute.

Upon the completion of training

The students who completed the theoretical training within 8 trimesters and attended all practical seminars will be provided with an opportunity of internship in the North East Hospital of the traditional Tibetan Medicine in Qing Hai, China. 

Upon the completion of training, the students who successfully completed the program, passed the exams, and undertook the internship, will receive a diploma of the Tibetan Medicine Doctor issued by the Chengdu University, China.

In cooperation with the Russian Professional Medical Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine (RANM), Shang Shung Institute is working on the possibility to enable the graduates from the TM School to practice legally pursuant to the Russian Federation law. The best graduates will be provided with an opportunity of employment at the Traditional Tibetan Medicine Center of Shang Shung Institute which will be organized in Kunsangar North.


We offer a few options of accommodation to the intramural students:

•    Accommodation in Bolshie Dvory settlement (not far from Kunsangar North); Pavlovsky Posad town; and in Moscow. In the case of necessity, the students will be assisted in the search of suitable residence in Pavlovsky Posad town, its adjacencies, Moscow or in any other place according to the circumstances;

Accommodation at the retreat center of ISS only during the training (3 days per week);

Accommodation at the retreat center of ISS during the whole period of training (3 months in summer and 2.5-3 months in winter); please refer to for accommodation prices.

In the case of necessity, the students will be assisted in the search of a job.

Cost of training

The cost of training for the first semester is RUR 36,000.

Things required for admission

Enrollees, attention! Please, fill out the questionnaire and the application to the TTM School.  

Questionnaire for enrollees

Application of admission to the TTM School

Please, note that all enrollees need to send us letters of recommendation from 3 individuals (friends, colleagues, relatives, organizations, etc.) The letters may be drawn in free form but they should recommend you for training at the TTM School. The letters of recommendation from those individuals need to be sent to the School’s email: 
Dear friends,

We would like to emphasize the importance of your firm intention to be engaged in medicine seriously and deeply. Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Doctor Phuntsog particularly emphasize the necessity of such motivation as a condition for participation in this program. We encourage future students to make sure that they really have a serious attitude before the beginning of their participation in the 4-year course of study. 

Important news for the students!
During his stay in Kunsangar North in summer, 2013, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu will give initiation of Medicine Buddha to the students of TTM School of Shang Shung Institute!

Information of modules for external therapies

For those who are interested in the profound study of external therapies of the Tibetan medicine, additional certification modules of different length will be realized in the future within the TM School.

Biography of Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo

Menpa (Dr.) Phuntsog Wangmo received her advanced degree from the Lhasa University School of Traditional Medicine in 1988 where she also served a two-year residency after completing her five year training program (1983-1990). During that time she studied with the Khenpos Troru Tsenam and Gyaltsen, two of Tibet's foremost doctors who are credited with the revival of Tibetan Medicine within Tibet under the Chinese. Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo had the exceptional opportunity of extensive clinical training under Khenpo Troru Tsenam for four years. Thereafter, she dedicated many years of work as a doctor in the Eastern Tibet where she collaborated and directed the implementation of A.S.I.A projects in the region, the non-profit organization founded by Choegyal Namkhai Norbu. Since that time, she has worked on behalf of A.S.I.A. setting up hospitals and training centers in the remote regions of Sichuan Province and Chamdo Prefecture.

From 1996-present, she has been the A.S.I.A. project coordinator for the development of Gamthog Hospital in Tibet in collaboration with expatriate personnel. Besides, she remains a coordinator and practitioner of the traditional Tibetan medicine supervising health activities through out the surrounding region of Chamdo Prefecture. Prior to 1996, she was on the faculty of Shang Shung Institute in Italy where she gave numerous seminars and conference presentations on the Tibetan medicine. Currently, Dr. Wangmo lives in the USA heading the Tibetan Medicine School of the Institute.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu personally authorized Dr. Phuntsog to be responsible for the preservation and spread of the Tibetan medicine traditions in the West.

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