Digital preservation project

This project so far consisted in carrying out a digital encoding of tapes, saving the resulting files on optical disks (CDs and DVDs). This approach is no more sufficient because of the limited real life of such supports, which obliges to cyclic re-saves every few years.

The envisaged solution consists in building a redundant Storage Server based on hard disk arrays. The system will be expandable to eventually contain all of the digitized data of the SSI Archives, controlled by a Database.

Such an Enterprise Storage system will really make the difference in the work of the Archives, as well as in the fruition of the Archives’ contents by Tibetologists, scholars and Dzogchen practitioners. It will provide storage redundancy ensuring that no data will ever be lost. From such a storage server contents could be easily compressed for the Web and made available to authorized users, realizing the vision of fully on-line Archives.

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