Tibetan language course

Dear friends!

International Shang Shung Institute invites you to the intensive course of classical Tibetan language with Professor Fabian Sanders, organized by Shang Shung Institute, Russia. Classes will be held in Moscow, at the Academy of Natalia Nesterova (Moscow, Warsaw highway, 38) from 11 to 19 April. The beginners course (24 training hours) is suitable for exploring the Tibetan language from the scratch. Both beginners and those who want to deepen and develop their knowledge are invited.

Tibetan is a sacred language and the sheer beauty of the Dharma is mirrored by the clarity and imaginative creativity of the Tibetan language. 

About teacher:

Fabian Sanders teaches Tibetan language and literature at the Universita Ca’ Foscari di Venezia and Tibetan language and translation courses for the International Shang Shung Institute. Alongside the research on and translation of classical Tibetan texts he has participated in a number of field research projects with a multidisciplinary team of the Università Ca’ Foscari. 

Course covers:

  • The structure of the language; grammar as a sacred science; Sanskrit and Tibetan.
  • The importance and beauty of the Tibetan language.
  • The alphabet; the relationship between signs and sounds; basic reading skills with reference to texts of practice if the course is restricted to practitioners, otherwise reference is to more general texts; notes on Sanskrit letters and pronunciation.
  • Presentation of available materials for the study of Tibetan language.
  • Translation: history, principles, techniques and problems.
  • The question of technical Dharma language.
  • Syllables, words, sentences and discourse.
  • Names (ming tshig) and Connectors or Particles (tshig phrad).
  • The eight cases of Tibetan grammar.
  • Connectors or Particles not related with case.
  • Examples and exercises.

The course is divided into 2 parts. Those who are already familiar with the basics of the Tibetan language (the alphabet, pronunciation, syllable structure), and able to correctly read and write, can start directly from the second part (16–19 April). However, following the complete course is highly recommended, since some important and rarely discussed nuances will be considered from the very beginning.


  • 11–12 and 16–19 of April: 19:00–21:30
  • 13–14 of April: 10:00–15:30 (2 sessions with lunch break).
  • April 15. Day off scheduled - recreation and self-training.


Complete course - RUR 6000 (150€). 2-nd part only - RUR 3000 (75€)
We are happy to offer 10% discount to the members of the International Dzogchen Community and Shang Shung Institute

If you're planning to attend the course, please register here (use this link to access registration form)


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