Kunye course with Aldo Oneto in St. Petersburg, Russia

The International Shang Shung Institute is happy to announce

The Intensive course of Tibetan Kunye massage with Aldo Oneto

which will take place from April,1 to April, 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

"There exist different kinds of therapies, but for those wishing to maintain good health or to rid themselves of physical disturbances by healing themselves through their own energy, Kunye represents a marvellous massage and a marvellous therapy".

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, The Practice of Tibetan Kunye Massage

This intensive course is the first part of the extensive Kunye training program, two more courses will follow. The course is organized by the Shang Shung Institute, Russia with the help of the Sangyeling, the Dzogchen Community of St. Petersburg.

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